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Product Description REZX Full Color CameraThe machine is equipped with Japan’s latest full color camera which recognizes the target just like the human eyes do. Even slight color differences such as light yellow grain can be detected. Automatic Defect ProfilingThe machine incorporates advanced software to evaluate color profile of target defects and automatically creates the […]
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Product Description FMS Highly Cost-effective, Excellent User-friendly OperationThe new feature, automatic sensitivity creation system enables the machine to sort various materials in high accuracy. Its simple material feeding and discharging system makes the machine very competitive in price. Smart SensitivitySimply scan both accept and reject products, then press button to automatically create the color profile […]
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Product Description BELTUZA Series CSV600 BI/BM Stable Belt ConveyingThe belt stably and uniformly conveys the materials to assure high sorting accuracy. Shape SortingAbnormal shapes such as broken and connected product can be sorted by the “Shape Recognition” technology. NIR Sorting (CSV600BM)NIR camera detects inorganic foreign material such as stone, plastics and glasses having similar color […]
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