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Product Description PRELI MAIN FEATURESThe pre-cleaning machine plays an essential role in the installations for seed processing as well as in cooperatives, mills, etc., which process grains and coffee. The PRELI pre-cleaners developed by Pinhalense are sturdy machines with metallic structure. They are easy to operate and may be used for the cleaning of any […]
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Product Description CDVR-2 MAIN FEATURES• Decrease in freight costs• Keep the husk to be used later (as fuel, fertilizer or to be sold)• Flexibility to hull at producers’ will COB Dry Milling + Eco Super Wet Milling + EcoFlex Wet Milling + LSC Wet Milling + LSC-P Wet Milling + LSC-P/ABC Wet Milling +
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Product Description COB MAIN FEATURES• Income (yield) is maximized• Transport and freights are saved• Husk is retained as a multiple use by-product• Timing of processing may be chosen at the owner’s convenience in order to maximize profits• Perforated oscillating screen and specially designed ‘’catador’’ to enable full recovery of light and defective materials Eco Super […]
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