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Probex is a leading coffee
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to major companies throughout Ethiopia and abroad.

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Rancilio Group

Our Italian partners for professional coffee machines with a defined attitude towards technological innovation and all the culture that revolves around espresso coffee.


Our world renowned Brazilian partners in coffee processing technology, such as export processing, wet & dry milling, silos, laboratory equipment, automation panels, and more...


Our distinguished Japanese partners for food industry machinery, such as, cereal processing equipment, optical sorting, and rice milling.
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About Us

As our name implies, Probex is wholeheartedly dedicated to probing and exploring new machineries and technological advancements for the betterment of mankind in general.  With over 20 years of loyal service to our esteemed clients and business partners, we envision many more years of growth and development.

Probex Plc. began operations in 2001, with a focus on importing various machineries and equipment targeting the coffee and food industry.  We have a feel for the latest and best technological equipment and a perpetual sense for good taste – this is the passion Probex is committed to. This is why we percieve ourselves as “curators of great taste”!

We enjoy successful partnerships with top notch companies from all over the world, some of them include, Probat (German), Ditting (Swiss), Bunn (US), Satake (Japanese), as well as our sole agent status for Pinhalense (Brazilian), and Rancilio (Italian).

Our esteemed and highly valued clients include the likes of Kaldis Coffee, US Embassy in Addis, Sheraton Addis, British Embassy Addis, Mamokacha, Haile Resorts, among many others.

We graciously welcome you to work with us and become a part of the ever growing Probex family!

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Supplier for coffee Espresso machines
Supplier for coffee processing equipment
Supplier for cereal processing and optical sorting
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